Never again get to the end of the day and wonder if you missed what mattered most. Introducing... 

The Real Life Journal, a simple plan to focus on what matters and live it every day. 

Knowing what matters in life is simple, but prioritizing it first can feel impossible. You have a lot of distractions fighting for your attention. The Real Life Journal can help.

This easy-to-use life planner provides a weekly inventory to activate your priorities and give you the tools you need to realize life goals. Each week your schedule will be skillfully planned and dictated by what matters most... to you.

The daily exercises offer a step-by-step framework to center in the Spirit through prayer, Bible comprehension, and scripture meditation. Each day finishes with space to de-brief the day and record one life moment. Never forget life's valuable moments again.

The Real Life Journal is designed for real life community. Encourage and be energized as you share life together and receive the support you need to live out your priorities.

After more than a year of development, a year of testing, and a successful Kickstarter campaign, this journal is ready to rock your world! 




Real Life Journal - Official!

This amazing little journal is done with test piloting! The money for printing was raised on Kickstarter. And now, you can enjoy the OFFICIAL version that more than 1,200 joined together to test and refine! 

Use this journal to focus on what matters and live it every day.


Finally, it's ready.


If you test piloted the Real Life Journal and would like to know how it went, click below to read more. And, as always, THANK YOU for taking your time to try it out!


Why did I create this?

Truth is... I needed it! Here's how the idea was sparked.

It occurred to me the week following the birth of my third child, Samara. Leading up to her arrival, I worked long hours, neglecting my time with God, family, friends, and myself. This created a domino effect in my life. Long hours working led to stress eating, resulting in low self-esteem. I stopped workouts and started gaining weight. 

Suddenly, I was "too tired" every morning and evening to focus on reading the Bible or prayer. I gave up on time with God and succumbed to a month-long Netflix binge. 

I needed to change. I needed an intervention. I needed Jesus. 

I started asking myself real-life questions. 

Could I die never having prioritized what mattered most in my life?

In all my "doing good" would I miss the greater good God had for me personally?

Would Jesus look me in the face and say, "I never knew you?"

I began searching online for a journal to help me refocus my life, but all my searches came up empty. I found a lot of planners to help me attain goals, but what about my spirit or aspects of my life that I hold most dear? And, what about self-care? How does that fit into the mix of a healthy, balanced life?

The concept of the Real Life Journal was born. 



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