“Charity’s Good Bad Real Life changed the way I approach my life and relationship with God. The combination of humor and real life motivation inspired me to focus on what matters most. I can guarantee it will help those interested in trying it out.”

Stacie K. | Maryland, US

Amy David

If you are looking for a journal that's different than what's normally out there, check out The Real Life Journal. The creator, Charity Reeb, is probably one of the most creative people I know and this journal is incredibly creative in its simplicity. She did tons of research and put together a journal that helps in real life. Get it. Promise!

Stacie K. | Maryland, US

“Charity’s Good Bad Real Life changed the way I approach my life and relationship with God. The combination of humor and real life motivation inspired me to focus on what matters most. I can guarantee it will help those interested in trying it out.”

Clint Coyan, Pastor, Emmaus Church

The Real Life Challenge helped the people of our church prioritize their lives and keep Jesus at the center of it all despite how chaotic life can be.

Amazon Customer

This journal rocks. I have been using it as part of the final pilot group since July 2016, and I'm crazy about my Real Life Journal. One thing that has amazed me in tracking the lessons from A Moment You Don't Want To Forget journal entries (one section of the daily journal pages) is that I understand better than ever that God has a lesson plan (an IEP!) for me and I am starting to understand how organized it is now that I'm tracking it. I have kept Bible journals for years and never been able to notice what I notice now because of the format of the RLJ. Get one. Get 6. Really, because you aren't going to want to wake up the first of next month without it.

Tracy Autem

Love this practical and biblical approach to journaling. It encompass' your whole life from nutrition, self esteem, friends, family, work life and Jesus. It helped me focus on the areas I need to and say no to the things that were overwhelming me. Writing a bit each day helped me to prioritize my bible time and be thoughtful about my prayers. I completely recommend this journal to anyone looking to be a better master of their own lives and let Jesus be a bigger part!

Amazon Customer

I love this journal. I was able to snag one before it came available to the public, and immediately I saw such value in this product. I'm a mom of 3, and if anyone is busy and has a hard time slowing down and finding time to spend focusing in on God's word and His heart, it's a mom. I love how this journal helps me focus in on a truth to meditate on throughout the day, and it helps me organize my brain a bit (okay, a lot). I'm a huge fan and have already told many girlfriends to grab a copy. It's just that good!

Amazon Customer

This is the perfect journal. It kept me on point every week. I had my top 3 goal laid out and knew my focus for the week. Then I had my daily devotional time and knew that I had something to come back to and tie the day all up in a bow. And then you wrap the week up looking back at what worked and what didn't. So when you get ready for next week, you can either focus on some more of the same goals or maybe move on and come back. I just super love this journal it really kept me in the moment and held me accountable!

Zachary F

I did this journal with a small group of friends toward the beginning of last year and LOVED the results. It was a great way to start a new year together! We talked about what mattered to us most, dialogued through great scripture, and focused more on what matters. It gave way to some meaningful conversations and helped the majority of us refine how we were structuring our lives. Highly recommend this as a group (or for an individual too).

Amazon Customer

This journal is not only practical for my life, but it's truly life-transforming! It's one thing to have a devotional time, but it's another thing to be able to encorporate your devotional life into your everyday life--from spending time with my kid to exercising! God really is in it all. This product is a game changer!!

Amazon Customer

I just finished a week in the journal.

Loving the debriefing at the end of the day. I still am a journaler in my Journey App. But I like the prompts Charity asks! The way the journal is set up with Goals. Incompassing all of life! I have tried to set goals and haven't made it work. Charity has helped make it happen!

Just finished half of the Week-In-Review. Really going to like that part!!

Like the COMMIT in the Spiritual Discipline section. A way to keep track of my prayers. And if something comes to mind I can go write it in for the next day.
I saw a couple ways God answered prayers and spoke to me by writing down my thoughts.

Writing things down has been really helpful. But thinking how I can keep all my journaling together for my daughter to easily access someday? Charity talked in the interview with Heather on God-Centered Mom about wishing she had her grandmother journals to read. Simple things like wanting to know what her Grandmother made for dinner.
That is my heart in journaling. Thinking about the future. Also thinking if something were to ever happen to my husband and I want our daughter to know about her life...only we know all the details. No one else will be able to tell her that! I think I am going to take pictures of my Real Life Journal and put in my Journey app tagged Real Life Journal.

The journal is simple, but perfect!!!!!

P.S. I first heard about the Real Life Journal on Episode #110 of God-Centered Mom. Check it out if your debating whether to purchase the journal!

Kay Burnett, Women’s Ministries Director, Assemblies of God

Ever wonder how you can live your life focused on the most important things? Our lives are spent on what we give our time and effort to. We all know that moments turn into days, the days into weeks, years… eventually a life is spent. God is our source for defining our life's purpose. Need help focusing on the very best things in life? Jump in with a group challenge with the 30-day Real Life Journal!


I first heard Charity Reeb talk about this journal on the God Centered Mom podcast. The idea of decompartmentalizing my life and letting God into, not only my devotional time, but my goals, dreams, and to-do's was revolutionary! I was excited to be apart of the test pilot group and believed in this strongly enough to support the project on kickstarter...not the type of thing I'd normally do.

God has moved powerfully through the simplicity of this journal and I am so thankful to Charity for obeying His lead! I love to write and journal, but sometimes the blank page is overwhelming. The prompts are excellent and inspire you, but don't limit what you should write about. I also love the added writing space in the newer version for days when I'm more long-winded :)

Try it! You won't regret it!!!