If you’re like most of my readers, like me, you’re just trying to figure out how to juggle it all.

You are committed to God, family, and living a life that matters both at home and at work.

You want to use your life, education, and influence to serve and grow yourself and those around you. You crave simplicity, yet you are determined to leave a legacy and do good.

Maybe you face the dilemma daily that there isn’t enough of you to do it all well. Maybe you wish you could do more, give more, and live more fully.

One of our readers shared:

"There are days that I get to the end of the day and I wonder, ‘Am I missing it? Am I living for what really matters to me?’ I find myself striving and working toward an undefined goal and an ideal me that probably will never be. I sense I need to realign myself with what the Holy Spirit has for my life, but I don’t even know where to start."




  • Do I often get to the end of the day and feel I missed what mattered most? 
  • Do I feel like I’m imbalanced or off-center in my priorities and how I spend my time? 
  • Is God first and foremost in my life?

If you answer these questions and feel perplexed by your honest answers,

you’re not alone...


As a believer in Jesus, a wife, a mother of three, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and a do-gooder,

I know what it feels like to get to the end of the day and wonder why I’m striving so hard.

For years, I have served with missionaries and church-related ministries both personally and professionally. I have received accolades and pats on the back from Christian leaders around the world. Yet, I often forget why I’m doing good in the first place. I find myself serving at the expense of my health and those I love the most.

Jesus did not ask us to serve at the expense of ourselves. He asked us to die to “self” and allow the Holy Spirit to lead so that we could experience a full life.

Are you ready to realign your life? I know I am.

When I’m centering my life in Jesus, I find I easily accomplish my priorities and goals because the Spirit perfectly guides them. I find that I’m doing more good in the world by doing less striving.




From creating practical action plans, to offering strategies to tame your circus, to sharing life with some of the world’s leading Christian do-gooders, my goal is to inspire and empower you to live for what matters most and to pursue your God-given dreams.

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