My Speaking Page

I get that speakers can make or break an event.


For 12 years, my consulting firm planned events ranging from intimate gatherings to stadium extravaganzas of 15,000+ people. I’ve spoken to audiences and led workshops throughout the U.S. and around the world. And without fail, regardless of the size of the event, the best sessions feature speakers who connect seamlessly with the organization and conference goals. That’s why, as a speaker, I prepare and deliver content as an extension of your event and objectives.

When you book me to speak at your event, here’s what you can expect.

  1. A pre-event consultation where I listen and learn about your event’s goals, objectives and audience.
  2. A pre-event session outline. Your team gets to speak into the session’s topic and outline to ensure that it flows with your event and has the highest possibility of connecting with your audience.
  3. A meticulously prepared and dynamically delivered presentation focused on your audience that achieves your event objectives.

My Most Requested Topics

Good Bad Real Life

Faith doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be active. Based on principles from Charity’s newest project, The Real Life Journal,  this session empowers people to cut through the chaos, focus what matters most and to live it every day.

Higher Purpose You

Meaning and purpose in life is not some grand mystery beyond the average person’s ability to solve. In this engaging session, Charity helps people discover their unique real-life purpose in life, right where they are living today.

Passion to Action Plan

Drawing on her experience as a successful brand and marketing consultant, Charity inspires and equips audiences with a specific, personalized plan to turn passion projects into actionable, financially sustainable realities.   

A New Brand of Mom: From Stress to Sureness, Fear to Faith, and Woe to Wow

If you’ve experienced motherhood on any level, you know first-hand how overwhelming it can be… even when it’s going great! This dynamic session gives women a faith-building, stress-relieving, mind-blowing perspective on your brand and your calling as a Mom.

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