Be spiritual. But, don’t be a weirdo.

Inviting the Spirit of Jesus into our life should make us more relevant to the world around us.

— Me

Got a question for you.

Have you ever wanted to become more deeply spiritual, but didn’t try because you were afraid you might become a weirdo? (A-hem! You know the kind… I don’t have to elaborate here.)

Or maybe you were concerned people would think you were no longer relevant.

Or maybe you’re thinking you’re just not “perfect” enough — and therefore not “ready” to connect with God more deeply.

Or maybe found yourself doubting your belief in God altogether.

Maybe you were afraid you’re were not good enough, motivated enough, focused enough, or intelligent enough to live your life with God as a part of it.

The reason I’m sharing this is because even though I’ve been a Jesus-follower most of my life, I still struggle.

I find myself thinking, Do I really believe this stuff? It’s so weird.

But, then when I set aside my fears, concerns, and self-criticism, and just pursue Jesus, I experience something incredible. I experience HIS presence in my REAL LIFE.

Do you know that no matter your imperfections, doubts, or concerns you can experience the presence of God in your life today? 

But here’s the thing: experiencing God’s presence isn’t calculable.

You don’t do A, B, and C and then His Spirit suddenly appears in your life. You will not reason yourself into experiencing God.

@@Because God is. He’s already there. You just have to be aware of Him and invite Him in.@@

I’d like to suggest that experiencing Jesus’ presence in your life is like experiencing the wind.

You can feel Him, but you can’t see Him. You can sense the direction the wind is blowing. And, you can trust His presence is good, because of the joy you’ll always receive when you’re aware of Him.

This presence (or wind) I’m speaking of is called the Holy Spirit.

And, this Spirit is the manifestation of Jesus in us… a gift from God.

How often do you notice the wind? Do you only notice it when it’s blowing hard? Isn’t it always moving, even if you’re not aware of it?

The wind of the Holy Spirit is always moving in your life. You simply have to become aware.

If the weirdness of the Holy Spirit is holding you back from being open to it, ask yourself these questions. 

  1. Do I believe that evil exists or that there is a presence of evil? If so, what is the spiritual counterpart to evil?
  2. Do I believe I’m good alone? The more I tune into myself, the more I realize that I need a higher power. I’m simply not good enough ever alone and need God’s help.
  3. Am I open to experiencing the manifestation of good, even if it’s weird by earthly standards?

Two keys to moving past thinking about the Holy Spirit as “weird” and inviting His help in REAL life.

1. Think of the Holy Spirit as your guide to being MORE relevant to the world around you.

In John 15, Jesus says he gives us His Spirit/presence so that we can be where He is and go where He goes both in this life and after. And, because He is God, this makes us more in tune with our environment and more relevant to the people around us.

Jesus was always relevant. He was always deeply connected to His surroundings. He spoke with wisdom and grace to the people around Him.

This intuitiveness He had is what we gain when the Holy Spirit becomes a part of our every day lives.

2. Remember it doesn’t have to be weird. Maybe you’re the one making it weird?

So, what’s “weird” anyway? When I turn on the TV, I see supernatural or spiritual themes on almost every channel.

No one seems to be weirded out by this. It’s normal to watch wizards, warlocks, and witches on TV. So, why is it weird to experience the profound and good Spirit of God in your life?

Do not be fooled. Instead, be open.

Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as His presence that helps us all the time, in every moment. Why wouldn’t we want this?

@@Maybe instead of thinking of the Holy Spirit as weird, simply open your life to Spirit-centeredness becoming a new normal.@@

If you’re interested in finding out more about inviting the Holy Spirit into your life, check out Episode 1 of the Good Bad Real Life Podcast on iTunes!

In this episode, I share who the Holy Spirit is, why Jesus said we need the Spirit in our lives, and how to invite the Spirit into your real life.

And, I also have an incredible tool for you to try as you listen to the podcast called the Real Life Journal.

The journal will give you weekly prompts to invite the Spirit into your every aspect of your life. Stop striving and simply invite the Spirit in. You’ll be amazed.

You’re going to love it. Emphasis on the LOVE.

Once you’ve had a chance to listen to this week’s featured episode on the Good Bad Real Life podcast, I’d love to hear from you.

Are you also wanting to go deeper in your spirituality… but simply choosing not to? What’s holding you back? I’d love to hear how you can apply the two keys — right now — to live forward with the Spirit’s help.

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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