How to Live a Miraculous Life

If we truly actualized God’s miracles in and through our lives, we wouldn’t be able to contain the enthusiasm we have for Him.

— Me

The topic of how to live a Spirit-centered life is one that comes throughout my posts, the Real Life Journal, and my upcoming free audio course that will go live soon on iTunes.

As a studier and liver of Jesus’ teachings, I am fully subscribed to the belief system that when we follow Jesus that miracles can be a part of our real, everyday lives.

Just this morning I was reading Luke 10:1 – 23.

In this story, Jesus sends out 72 messengers to go share with people who had not yet heard that the Messiah had come. He says that the “harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” In other words, people were waiting to hear about Jesus, but few were going to share.

These 72 messengers went out as an extension of Jesus. In other words, they went in “Jesus name.” And, when they came back to Jesus after their journeys, they were astonished to report that they (average humans) were able to heal people and command evil spirits to submit when they used Jesus’ name.

The result of their going to share was miracles. 

However, Jesus’ response to these miracles was that they should redirect their thoughts from the miracle to the reason for the miracle was possible. He said, “I’ve given you power to overcome all evil, but don’t rejoice about that. Rejoice that you’re name is written in heaven.”

@@We are not to seek miracles, but to seek Jesus.@@

@@We are not to rejoice about evil being overcome, but to rejoice that God’s goodness is greater than evil.@@

@@Jesus is the miracle we desire.@@

When we choose to align our life and thoughts with the goodness of Jesus, we begin to carry the miraculous power of Jesus in our real life. Peter (an Apostle from the New Testament) was so in tune with Jesus that people tried to get into Peter’s shadow as he walked by, because the Spirit of Jesus would heal them. That same power is accessible to us today.

The simplicity is that we just have to pay attention to our thoughts. What are we seeking? What are we rejoicing about? What consumes us?

We have to become more mindful and conscious of the thoughts that we’re choosing, the words that we’re using, and the actions that we’re taking. Bring them to Jesus each morning and invite Him to redirect.

How to Live a Miraculous Life

Three things these 72 messengers did that we can learn from to live each day in the miraculous.

1. Get to know the Miracle Man first.

All too often, I desire miracles, but I’m too lazy, unmotivated, or unintentional in my life to actually spend time getting to know Jesus.

I see people on the street who need healing, I talk to a grocery clerk who is going through a crisis, or a talk to a family member who needs encouragement and instead of feeling confident because Jesus is in me, I feel inadequate. This stems from the fact that I’m not connected to the source.

@@Miracles begin with intentional time with Jesus.@@

For me to get past my inadequacies and operate in the miraculous, I must fully realize the power of Jesus inside of me by living a life of closeness to Him.

There are no shortcuts.

Read the Bible, talk to God, meditate in His truths, and allowing His Spirit to speak into your life.

2. Move! Get up and go do something in His name.

You may never experience the miraculous power of Jesus moving through your life, if you never exercise it.

For these 72 messengers to experience miracles in Jesus’ name, they had to be willing to GO as messengers to people.

Are you going out your door each day living in Jesus’ name? Are you talking to people in Jesus’ name? Are you going to the places Jesus’ would have you go to share the message?

I wish I could tell you that I’m living my life in Jesus’ name, but all too often I live in Charity’s name.

I’m working on living a new lifestyle in Jesus’ name.

I take my kids to school in Jesus’ name.

I go to the coffee shop in Jesus’ name.

I work in Jesus’ name.

I shop in Jesus’ name.

What would it look for you to live in Jesus’ name?

3. Come back to Him for direction.

After the messengers went out, they came back to Jesus and He re-directed them.

Maybe you have experienced miracles in your life, but now you’re not sure what to do next. Come back to Jesus. He’ll point you in the right direction.

Today, we can say, “Thank you, Spirit, for being willing to work through me in Jesus’ name. Thank you that my life is a miracle.”

When you choose to rejoice that your name is in heaven, you’ll start feeling a sense of the Holy Spirit in your life.

The Holy Spirit is a mystery. His presence may come over you as you’re driving, or you may suddenly see a spiritual assignment open up in front of you throughout the day. Or maybe you’ll read something that inspires you or you’ll be reminded of Him as you’re enjoying nature.

Make the world your seminary today. Experience God and His goodness in the real moments of life. Even as you experience the uncomfortable things or suffer, rejoice. Your name is written in heaven.

And, if it’s not, it’s as simple as asking Jesus to be a part of your real life. Try it today.

And you don’t have to do it alone— ask the Holy Spirit to do in and through you what you cannot do by yourself.

I’m taking this post deeper in February when my audio course launches on iTunes. But, if you’re ready to start living the principle of inviting Jesus into your every day, I’ve got a tool for you.

It’s called the Real Life Journal. And, I believe as you invite Jesus into your real life through it, you’re going to begin to experience miracles. But, remember don’t rejoice in the miracle. Rejoice that Jesus has written your name down in heaven.

If you’re already using the Real Life Journal, let me know how you’ve been using it and what you’ve experienced in your behavior or thoughts.

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    Just received the journal in the mail. The front page said to come to this web site to sign up for my starter kit. So here I am. It does suggest you do this with someone. I don’t have anyone to do it with.


      Linda! The Starter Kit is on the homepage! I hope you get it! It’s FREE for you! Also, regarding doing it with a friend… Don’t overthink it. Just think about about the people who are already in your life who may benefit from having your friendship in this way… But, if you truly don’t have anyone… I want you to Private Message ME personally. Love, Charity


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