Pop Goes the Bubble & My Ego

When we open our lives to new people, experiences, and places, we find our American bubble being popped… and it’s a good thing.

For the next 6 weeks, I am traveling to Israel, Thailand, and India. I will be sharing a bit about how we’re changed when we allow God to POP our American bubble.

This evening I take a flight to the adventure of a lifetime to Israel with a peacemaking organization called Israel Collective.

Last night I ate dinner with the people who are on the trip with me. The range of skill sets and visions were incredible… pro football players, rappers, podcasters, pastors, and scholars from Duke Divinity School all shared their visions.

As I sat in awe of who they are and all the things they are doing, I found myself feeling unusually intimidated.

My inner monologue started, Charity, you’re really out of place in this room. Look at what you’ve accomplished in your lifetime in comparison to these people.

None of them were boasting. They were just simply stating the facts about who they are and what they do, while I found myself wanting to put on a better front.

When I got back to my room, I was reading and found the scripture 2 Corinthians 10:17. It says if you want to boast, boast in the Lord.

I’m going on this trip to learn more about how to live like Jesus. And, OH, how unlike Him I am.

Jesus was perfect and, yet, he didn’t boast about himself like I wanted to last night.

Today’s tip: Compare yourself… with Jesus.

When we look to Jesus instead of others it adjusts the framework for our own achievement.

Instead of desiring to be good, we find ourselves in awe of His goodness.

As a result, we discover a desire to go deeper.

The Spirit of God allows us to become the very goodness we seek. Learning to be like Jesus in everything we do.

If I compared myself more with Jesus instead of others, how would I be different?


The reason I found myself feeling intimidated by others was because I was thinking of myself.

Because I think about myself ALL the time. Jesus’ very life was about giving of himself for others. And it wasn’t for Him to look good, it was for Him to be the good that the world needs.


I find myself being more sarcastic about myself than others. I use sarcastic language to dull bitterness or embarrassment I have. I use self-deprecation not only to be funny, but also to mask my vulnerabilities.

Jesus never guarded his vulnerabilities. When he was weak and scared to die, He invited His disciples along for the journey.

And, if you search the his words, you will not find sarcasm there. Only honesty.


I would be less concerned with my achievements and more concerned about the people around me.

Jesus was constantly serving the crowd, teaching His disciples, healing someone or simply doing the carpentry work that needed to be done. There was no reason or time for comparison with everyday humans.

He was above that. And, if we’re living with His Spirit within us, so are we.

Clearly, I’m eating a big slice of humble pie this morning as I write this. And, it’s good. We all need to eat humble pie sometimes.

So, how about you? How would your life look differently if you compared yourself with Jesus instead of the other people around you?

And, if this is something you’re struggling with even now, invite the Holy Spirit to inform this area of your life and help you to overcome with healthy perspective. It’s also good to confess it to a close friend.

If this is something that is uncomfortable for you or you simply don’t know where to start, I have a tool that will help you.

It’s called the Real Life Journal and it’s designed to guide you in a more life-giving dialogue between you and God and others.

2 Responses to “ Pop Goes the Bubble & My Ego ”

  1. Hope

    Love this – "Jesus NEVER guarded His vulnerabilities. When He was weak and scared to die, He invited His disciples along for the journey".

  2. baileysallie@gmail.com

    "The Spirit of God allows us to become the very goodness we seek. Learning to be like Jesus in everything we do." I like this thought in today’s blog, Charity, because it presents this concept in such a gentle tone. Thank you. The Holy Spirit is a good teacher; gentle in His approach, wise in His explanations, definite in what change must be made. I pray I will be a good listener of His instruction.


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