Invite Your Friends

Find focus in your lives together for 30-days.


The Real Life Journal is life habit renovation made simple.

Together, with your group, you’ll prioritize and calendarize life goals each week, then daily live spiritually centered by practicing basic spiritual disciplines.

It’s revolutionary and it only takes 10-minutes a day.

Ensure your success and get the support you need for your experience by inviting a friend to join you!


Can’t wait to try this journal in my REAL LIFE. A Real Life Journal to focus on what matters & live it every day. Interested? #reallifejournal


I am so ready to experience the joy that is REAL LIFE. Join me. 30 days with the Real Life journal. #reallifejournal


Often beyond the mess and clutter is a beautiful moment to be enjoyed. That’s why I’m trying the Real Life Journal for 30 days. Try it with me to focus your life on what matters & live it every day. #reallifejournal

My life feels like a mess… anyone with me? But, I’m ready to tame it. 30-days of focus with the Real Life Journal. #reallifejournal




Don’t forget to tell your group leader if you’re already involved with a group.


We have had all sorts of groups try the journal together and love it. Groups have included churches, universities, and various clubs. For larger groups of 25 or more, we offer a special bulk discount.