I got nothin’ for ya… Or do I?

“We live in a disposable culture. We get something, we use it, and when we’re done with it, we throw it away, whether it’s a hammer, a friend, or our partner. We aren’t expected to devote ourselves to anything, so we don’t practice being loyal or committing ourselves to things or to people.”   – Daniel Doen Silberberg I’d like to share with you a moment from my morning that I’m not so proud of and how God turned it around, […]


Uh oh, did my religion just gag you?

I was working at a church in northern Thailand when I first met him. 23 years old, torn jeans, hair to his shoulders, with a laugh that filled the room, joy followed Dom wherever he went. Somehow when Dom was there everyone seemed happier. It wasn’t him exactly. It was the air he carried. I knew a bit of his life’s circumstances. He was living at poverty level by Thai standards, worked at the church, and helped out cleaning and doing odd jobs […]


Why I’m a Christian Hypocrite & What I’m Doing About It

It was pub crawl Thursday and college students were out clubbin’ hard. The air was thick with Missouri humidity and the stench of beer. The energy of college students was one of my favorite aspects of living in the Missouri. Every fall young faces flooded into our town, reminding me that it’s ok to have fun and be carefree. I remember shuffling through the street hanging onto my husband, Jeff, so I didn’t lose him in the crowd. We were […]


Finding Meaning in the Menial

I was 19 years old. It was my first time in Thailand and the Buddhist world and I was ready to “help.” A Thai pastor and his wife opened their church for me to volunteer there over the summer. It makes me giggle and feel a little sorry for this couple when I think back. I know they must have looked at me and wondered, “Why is she here? She mandates a Starbucks every morning, doesn’t speak Thai, and can barely […]


Why you don’t need another Bible study and sinners don’t need more preachers

I held tightly to my little ones, the tire inches away from a cliff in the remote Himalayan mountains. The SUV rocked side to side. No seat belts. They giggled and waved to the monkeys. Kids are such wonderful adventurers. I, however, was in full “adulting” mode. There were endless horrible possibilities. It would take me days to list them all.  I held my breath as cars brushed past us. Greater is He that is in me. Greater is He that is in […]


My Guide to More Fun in the Ho-Hum

At 18, I was ready to buy myself a sport bike. I had a vision of myself laying rubber in the parking lot and turning heads as I cruised across town. When I met Jeff Reeb, it didn’t take much to convince me he was “the one” when he pulled up fast on his bike and walked over slow. He’s always had a calm, cool confidence. I remember looking into his blue eyes and thinking, “Well, you can propose whenever you’re […]


When the Wonder Suit Doesn’t Fit, Try Just Being Human

Last week I shared that I decided to give up coffee for 30 days. {Full disclosure} I’ve cheated a little. By day 5, I felt like someone sledgehammered me then locked me in a jail cell with toddlers. I decided for the betterment of my family, I should probably drink a little coffee to taper instead of going cold turkey. While I have been a bit of a grumpy bear, giving up coffee has allowed me to more clearly understand the true dependency […]


3 Powerful Ways to Overcome Fear Today

This post is in response to a 6-week international trip I recently took, starting in Israel.

“Look to your left. There are more than 300,000 rockets pointed at us right now,” he said, as we stood at the edge of Syria, Lebanon, and Israel.

I was on this trip with 29 other leaders to Israel with an organization called Israel Collective. It’s their vision to build vibrant relationships between American Christians and the people of the Holy Land.

On this particular day, we journeyed to the border with an anti-terrorism expert for the Israeli and US governments.


Gratitude amidst Imperfection

I turned on my TV last night for a post-kid-bedtime veg session and, lo and behold, was almost moved to tears by a Thanksgiving commercial.

The voiceover read, “Imagine a world that instead of rushing out to buy we gave thanks for what we had.”