Live for what matters.

Work for what



Charity Reeb has dedicated her career

to connecting people to God in real life.



Charity’s latest project, The Real Life Journal, acts as a step-by-step guide for those who desire focus for their lives and want their spirituality to act as the guidepost. More than 1,200 people tested the journal to ensure the final product is streamlined and relevant to life. The essence of it is the de-compartmentalization of real life and faith.

Charity believes faith does not have to be complicated and desires to encourage people to put their faith into positive motion through her blog, books, eCourses, and podcast.


Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur

As a brand and marketing consultant, she worked for more than a dozen years with non-profits, missionaries, and NGO’s in more than 60 countries to refine their strategies to impact even more lives. She was integral in the creation of Eurasia Community, Live Dead, Finish Eurasia Northwest, The Human Right Campaign, and The Common Table, to name a few.

She is also an accomplished social entrepreneur and acted as the catalyst for Eurasia Coffee & Tea, a company dedicated giving back to help missionaries share the Gospel throughout Eurasia.





Charity is an accomplished, dynamic public speaker. She has spoken to audiences and led workshops throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Charity’s approach to life debunks status quo with focus, joy, and a relaxed understanding of the ‘main thing.’ She guides audiences to find inner power through their spirituality and be the person they’ve dreamed of becoming. She invites them to an unhurried, peace and purposeful way of living.



Originally from a farming community in rural Missouri, Charity now lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband, Jeff, and three children, two of whom are adopted from Ethiopia.

You can find them on any given afternoon dancing to James Brown, playing cricket in the backyard (something they recently learned on their family adventure in India), or snacking on strawberry and nutella sandwiches by the pool.