Focus On What Matters & Live It Every Day


Your simple plan to center your life in the Spirit and focus your time on what matters most to you.

Knowing what matters in life is simple, but prioritizing what matters can feel impossible. You have a lot of distractions fighting for your attention. The Real Life Journal can help.

The Real Life Journal gives you a template, a simple, day-by-day roadmap to help you center your life in the Spirit and focus your time on what matters most to you.

30 Day Challenge

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How it works

An Overview of Each Week


DAY 1: Life Inventory (30 minutes or less)

Use the Life Circle to center in the Spirit and identify your priorities, set 3 focus goals, then calendarize them.

Now, live your priorities out.

Days 2 – 7: Spiritual Essentials & Journaling (10 minutes each day)

Start the day by reading the Bible for real life application, talk to God, and choose a thought to meditate on. Later, take time to de-brief the day and record one life moment.

Never forget life’s valuable moments again.


The Real Life Journal is designed for real life community. Encourage and be energized as you receive the support you need to live out your priorities.

The Benefits

  • Brings your spirituality into your real life.
  • Empowers you to align your priorities with your schedule.
  • Helps you engage with scripture as relevant and applicable.
  • Guides daily connectivity with God.
  • Fuels positivity in your life by meditating on good.


The Starter Kit

Whether you’re an avid journaler or this is your first time journaling, there is FREE support for your experience right here. We call it the Starter Kit and it includes…

  • A Journal How-to Video
  • 10 Days of Audio Coaching with Charity
  • Weekly Tips
  • The Life List – Comprehensive checklist to help prioritize what matters most.

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