You can focus on what matters & live it every day.


You can focus on
& live it


what matters
every day.

With Charity Reeb

You can focus on what matters & live it every day.

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About Charity



A speaker, writer, and do-gooder
dedicated to helping you find focus
in your life and higher purpose, then live it each day to the fullest.

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My work is built on the philosophy that all of life can flow from a state of Spirit-centeredness.


When we integrate spiritual essentials like scripture application, two-way conversation with God, and meditation into our real life, we build our lives on an eternal foundation.

The result is a more joyful, centered, and full life.

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Learn to Align Your Real Life

Learn to align your real life with what matters most to you!

Are you sick of getting to the end of the day and wondering what you did that really mattered?

In this fantastic (and free) training you’ll learn how to align your schedule and life’s priorities in 10 minutes or less each week.

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Real Life Journal

Real Life Jorunal

I discovered the secret to focusing my life on what matters most to me.

It’s found by simply inviting God into your real life.

How can we do this? Live every day with intentionality.

Prioritize what matters. Practice spiritual essentials like scripture application, two-way conversation with God, and meditation. Journal your real life.

Each week you’ll align your priorities with your schedule. No more regret.  

I’ve been blown away by how this journal has impacted my life and the lives of more than 500 friends around the world who tested it out with me.

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Good, Bad, Real Life
“Charity’s Good Bad Real Life changed the way I approach my life and relationship with God. The combination of humor and real life motivation inspired me to focus on what matters most. I can guarantee it will help those interested in trying it out.”

Stacie K. | Maryland, US

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